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“We are keen no making our students work for the betterment of our nation.
President, Coimbatore Malayali Samajam
“When I retired from my job, I became fully engaged with samajam works 24x7. I was the general secretary of Coimbatore Malayali Samajam for almost 15 years and it’s been 6 years now as its President. Earlier, I was working as sales Tax officer in Coimbatore.” K.Rajagopalan, President, Coimbatore Malayali Samajam shares his experience during an interview with the covai Mail The Coimbatore Malayali Samajam was established in 1955 and it represents the vast majority of the Malayali Population numbering about 4 lakhs in the city of Coimbatore. There was a time when Malayali students faced difficulty to enter into the academic institutions in the city. “We wanted to provide quality education, not only for the Malayali students but to all. Thus CMS College of Science and Commerce was started with just 30 students years ago”, he added.

What makes your educational institutions different from others?

Ask anyone in the city, they are very well aware about the very well aware about the heritage of our education. We cater to all people, including overseas students. There are students from more than 16 countries in our colleges. They love to spend time and study in our campus. We have created a pleasant ambience not only for our students but also for students all over the world! We have the best laboratories in the city providing latest educational experience for our students. We have a separate English lab to improve the language skills of students.

Have you concentrated more on infrastructure in your institutions?

Not specifically. But yes, when you ask our students, they say they love to spend time inside. It is because we have concentrated more on creating a pleasant atmosphere inside our campus with more greenery. An educational institution excels only when they have quality faculties and students. We have them both. We are keen on making our students work for the betterment of our nation. Almost all our teaching faculties are Ph.D holders. They follow a great teaching method. Students don’t hesitate to interact with them in our institutions which, I feel, is the best compared to other institutions.

Tell us about your Samajam

Coimbatore Malayali Samajam was given Akshaya Pusthaka Nidhi award for the best organization of Malayalies functioning outside Kerala by eminent personalities of Kerala. The award was presented to the Samajam by Hon’ble Minister for Forest Tamilnadu Thiru.Pongalur N.Palanisamy in 1997.Last year Sheila Dixit, then Kerala Governor, awarded us for the best college providing quality education outside kerala. CMS has the National Accreditation under Bharathiar University and we are having autonomous status too for our arts college.Among the eminent people who have visited our samajam there have been several Chief Ministers, Governors, literary stalwarts, film personalities and many more. Coimbatore Malayali Samajam consists of 45 managing trustees who are members of the management of 4 colleges. Under the Samajam, we have schools and other institutions.

What activities are you offering for your students?

As you can see, we celebrate each and every day. Our onam celebration is one of the best. Students participate more on sports which they love. We have acquired many medals in sports and cultural fests.

Also we bring the experts from the film industry for training our students. When CMS College was started, we did so many activities, provided the best education with the best infrastructure in the city. Seeing the success of the college, we started other institution under Coimbatore Malayali Samajam.

Placement call is performing really great. Almost 98% eligible students are placed. Our Institutions are a gift to the community. We have the best laboratories, especially in the biology department. And we are offering two overseas trips for the MBA students where they can get to know about overseas companies and much more.

What are your future plans?

We at Coimbatore Malayali Samajam are managing a number of managing a number of educational institutions. The newest being the engineering college in velanthavalam. It’s been just 5 years, but we are able to achieve excellent academic results. Our aim is to provide world class education keeping students active in all areas.

We are doing our best to keep students engaged in number of activities. They help us organize better events every time. With great faculty time. With great faculty support, infrastructure and our student, we are sure that CMS Institutions are going to grab a number of awards in near future.

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