Coimbatore Malayali Samajam

Coimbatore Malayali Samajam, CMS as it popularly known, is the culmination of the dreams and far – sightedness of a few visionaries, who sowed the seeds of Social and Intellectual revolution. CMS was established in the year 1955, with the main objective of providing Social, Cultural and Educational opportunities to the people of Coimbatore, especially Malayalis.

Coimbatoreis in fact a mini India. Its population consists of people from almost all the States of India, some of them have been residents of this city for many generations. The salubrious climate and the cordial social atmosphere have tempted even visitors to come back and accept Coimbatore as their permanent abode of residence. And Malayalis are no exception. Coimbatore Malayali Samajam adds to this cosmopolitan nature of Coimbatore. The social fabric of this city being essentially cosmopolitan in nature, the keralites in Coimbatore play vital role. CMS is not merely an Organization. It is a great movement – a gigantic Banyan tree spreading its branches far and wide. It gives succor and sustenance to many through its various Educational Institutions and Cultural activities. The growth of CMS as a Social and Cultural Organization might have been slow, but it was steady and certain.

CMS had a humble beginning. It was started by a handful of social activists thatched shed. There people had the vision and the zeal to achieve. Their main objective was to provide educational opportunities to the people of Coimbatore.

Starting with a small elementary School with limited facilities, CMS now has five Secondary and higher Secondary Schools functioning successfully and providing excellent result. Some of the life members of the Samajam formed the C.M.S.College of Science & Commerce in 1988. This Citadel of learning is the outcome; of the untiring efforts, concerted action, strenuous endeavour and the unwavering focus of its founders. These illustrious visionaries have strengthened this Institution to meet the challenges ahead enriching the content of the educational process. The Samajam is also running a working women’s hostel constructed with Government of India grant.

Time in its flight has taken this organization along with the ideals of its founders firmly rooted. This year, the Samajam completes fifty years of glorious and dedicated service to the Nation. In social activities are noteworthy. Whenever there has been any sporadic discord between different communities, the Samajam has always come forward to sort out the differences and establish peace and fraternity. The Samajam was in the forefront to bring Siruvani Water for Coimbatore, which was a boon to all the people in and around Coimbatore.

Recognizing the yeomen service rendered by the Samajam to the cause of Education and Social services, the Coimbatore Malayali Samajam was awarded the best Marunadan Malayali Association (Akshaya Award) functioning in India in 1996.

I deem it a great privilege and honour to be the chairman of the golden Jubilee Celebration Committee of this illustrious organization. I pray that this organization grows from strength to strength enriching and enlightening the lives of everybody irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion or Language.

  Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala
Sri.Oommenchandy inaugurates the
golden jubilee bulding on 4.12.2005
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala
Sri.Oommenchandy releasing and
handing over the 1st copy of the golden jubilee souvenir to Sri.K.Rajagopalan,
Secretary, Coimbatore Malayali
Samajam on 4.12.2005
  Professor M.N.Vijayan Famous thinker and critic in Malayalam inaugurating the cultural meet during the golden jubilee celebrations on 4.12.2005
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